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Tengami Preview: A Beautiful Visual Experience

03.26.13 | No Comments

Perhaps the best indie game I demoed at PAX East (and I played a lot of them) was an iOS game called Tengami developed by Nyamyam Games. Before I sat down to give it a go, game creator Jennifer...

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Transistor Preview: Supergiant Gearing Up to Do It Again

03.24.13 | No Comments

When Penny Arcade’s Gabe and Tycho were at a press-only event on Sunday morning, they were asked what they thought the best thing at PAX East 2013 was. Their reply was Transistor. SuperGiant Games is shaping up to do...

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Warframe Preview: Free-to-Play Co-op Space Ninjas

03.23.13 | No Comments

While walking the show floor of PAX East today I was pulled to the side by an exhibitor eager to show me her content. She asked me if I had ever heard of the title Warframe. At the time,...

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Divekick Preview: Fast-Paced, Foot-to-Face Action

03.23.13 | No Comments

I got to play the 2D fighter Divekick at PAX East today. While initially created as a parody of fighting games, indie developer One True Game Studios’ title rose to prominence in the fighting game community as its popularity...

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