Every year in January around the world, game developers unite on one weekend to create games over a 48 hour period. This event is called the Global Game Jam. Though arguably the biggest game jam in existence, game jams are a pretty common thing among game developers. They are an opportunity for developers to work together, challenge themselves, and have something to show for it. Every year at the Global Game Jam there is a theme that is announced at the beginning of the 48 hour period. This year for the 2013 theme the organizers of the jam played the sound of a heart beating. This caused for anything from games about nervousness and love, to games about blood and violence. One game took the internet by storm, the simple and unique design of Surgeon Simulator won over the Hearts of many fans.

Kidney transplant in progress

The original 48 hour Surgeon Simulator is far from a real simulator, as you make futile attempts at replacing an unfortunate patients heart. The controls are created to cause an extremely humorous and difficult operating environment. As you attempt to command your hand you have to use many different controls to move each of your fingers, your thumb, wrist and your arm. These controls combine to rival the ridiculous maneuverability of the classic flash game QWOP.

The popularity of Surgeon Simulator was so great the developers decided to see how it would fair on Steam’s Greenlight. The 4 creators of the title spent another 48 days working on the title and then put it up to Steam to get a fan reaction. After many backers gave it the green thumb, the game was able to release on Steam today. The new version of the title includes things such as brain surgery, and many new tools to break your patient open with. The title is currently on an opening weekend sale for 30% off, bringing the $10 game down to only $6.99. You can check out the original submission from the game jam here. Be ready to crack some skulls on Windows, Mac, and Linux and for the 30% discount be sure to purchase it by April 22.