Trendy Entertainment announced one of several new playable classes for Dungeon Defenders 2 that will be available at the title’s launch. Titled The Huntress, this classic hero is a return from the original Dungeon Defenders. The Huntress possesses an arsenal of traps and aggressive abilities.

The Huntress is the third announced class of the 23 classes that will be available in the final game. The others are The Apprentice class and Man and Machine class.

A list of the Huntress's skills

The first skill that The Huntress has is Spread Shot. She sends a volley of arrows out from her bow, dealing damage to everything in front of her.

Her second skill is Choking Gas Trap. The Huntress sets a trap down that stuns an enemy hero and deals damage if they walk over it. The Huntress can have up to three traps active at one time.

The Huntress’s Survival Instincts ability allows her to remove negative affects on her and gives her a speed boost for short period of time.

The Huntress’s final ability is Piercing Shot. She fires a targeted flaming arrow at a long distance that burns anybody it passes through.

The Huntress will be considered a ranged high damage carry in the new player versus player game mode of Dungeon Defenders. This mode will be a multiplayer online battle arena similar to titles such as DOTA 2 and League of Legends. This will be in addition to the classic cooperative style gameplay that the original players of Dungeon Defenders know and love.

The Huntress's abilities shown in action

Although in the original Dungeon Defenders The Huntress was considered to be one of the harder classes to play, she will be one of the easier ones to master in Dungeon Defenders 2.

The PvP mode of Dungeon Defenders 2 is in closed beta right now. Those that would like to play the cooperative game mode will have to wait until the end of the year for it to release.