Adhesive Games, developer of the latest online hit Hawken have announced a new patch. Though it was expected to be released today they just stated on Twitter, “Attention Pilots: The Facility Update will arrive later this week due to a pesky game bug. We’ll post the new date when it’s ready!”

The main addition of the patch will be the new map titled Facility. The new map will be available for three of the four game types: Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, and Missile Assault. Facility-only servers will also be available for use as custom servers for a limited amount of time. The developers have also included new service awards to receive for the new map.

The patch includes many new updates and tweaks on existing things.

The developers wanted the kill time to be longer in fights. Instead of increasing health a certain percentage they went with a fixed addition of 50 points to all mechs’ armor. They did this because they were afraid of everyone having problems with overheating when fighting the C-class mechs.

There were also a number of tweaks made to the many of the items in game. The items modified are the blockade, shield, detonator, and repair charge. Most of these are just standard balances.

The in-game radar has received a few changes. The developers have increased the size of callsigns and ability icons. The radar will now also display when turrets are shooting. The distance that they can be detected is the same as the distance that you can tell if a player is firing.

The developers have added a lot of customizations. These include a new repair drone, a new thruster, and new camouflages.

In addition to all of these changes there were many general improvements and bug fixes. You can sign up for the open beta for Hawken on the game’s official website.