Those that pre-order tower offense title Anomaly 2 on Steam before its release on May 15 will receive two copies of the title–one for you and one for a friend–at a ten percent discount. Those that pre-order the game directly from its official website will receive not only two copes of Anomaly 2 but also Anomaly: Korea, resulting in three games for the discounted price of $13.49. Players that wait until launch to purchase the game will only receive one copy of Anomaly 2 at full price, making this a deal you don’t want to pass up.

Anomaly: Korea, the predecessor to Anomaly 2 released in December of 2012 for mobile platforms only, is coming to PC as a bonus to those that pre-order Anomaly 2 from the game’s official site. Anomaly: Korea is not sold separately, so those that want the full Anomaly experience for their PCs must pre-order Anomaly 2 before it’s too late.

The Polish developer 11 bit studios is taking the award-winning gameplay of Anomaly: Warzone Earth and expanding on it for Anomaly 2. The sequel will feature an entirely new single-player campaign, as well as new skills and tactics for players to experiment with.

Time to save the world again

In a first for the series, Anomaly 2 will introduce an advanced multiplayer mode where classic tower defense meets aggressive tower offense in a clash of strategy and skill between competing players.

Anomaly: Korea’s story takes place months after the conclusion of Anomaly: Warzone Earth. The alien robot invaders that were repelled after trying to take over Tokyo are back, forcing players to defend not Japan but Korea this time around. As the Commander, players must take control of the attacking response team, lead armored squads against the invading force, and use special weapons and tactics to turn the tide of battle.

11 bit studios is an independent games developer based in Warsaw, Poland that officially formed in October of 2007.