Trendy Entertainment announced one of several new playable classes for Dungeon Defenders 2 that will be available at the title’s launch. The new class is a tank titled the Rider. This high defense melee class is a high spirited Spriteling kin on a goofy looking mount.

The Rider is the forth announced class of the 23 classes that will be available in the final game. The others are the Apprentice, Huntress, and Man and Machine classes.

The first skill that the Rider has is called Trample. He charges forward trampling all of the enemies in his path for a moderate amount of damage.

His second skill is Edibola. He throws a bola dealing damage and slowing his enemies. His next basic attack on that target will then stun and deal bonus damage to the enemy.

A list of the Rider's skills

The Rider’s Nuzzle ability happens on hit with his next basic attack. He knocks back his target a short distance, and then slows them.

The Rider’s final ability is Satiated Appetite. Once he puts points in this skill, the Rider gains a percentage of his health as damage. Once he activates it, Satiated Appetite provides the Rider with a large amount of health regeneration for fifteen seconds.

The Rider will be considered a melee tank that is high in defense in the player vs. player mode of Dungeon Defenders 2. This mode will be a multiplayer online battle arena similar to titles such as DOTA 2 and League of Legends. This will be in addition to the classic cooperative style gameplay that the original players of Dungeon Defenders know and love.

The Rider is a new class in Dungeon Defenders 2 as he did not appear in the original. He will be of medium difficulty to play.

The PvP mode of Dungeon Defenders 2 is in closed beta right now. Those that would like to play the cooperative game mode will have to wait until the end of the year for it to release.