Dungeon of Elements, the upcoming game from Frogdice Games, is a title that combines the casual puzzle gameplay of tile matching with the more hardcore elements of a dungeon crawler to create a hybrid game inviting to gamers of all calibers. You can check out the title’s trailer here.

In the game, players take on the role of an alchemist on the hunt for rare elements. In the quest to obtain these precious resources, players will battle in 45 different levels while obtaining new gear and items along the way. In the lab, players conduct experiments to create new armor and items.

A screenshot of the Ruined Tower level

The studio’s goal is create games that merge casual gameplay with core genres in an effort to appeal to every type of gamer.

“We love playing RPGs, and we really want to introduce new people to the genre with Dungeon of Elements,” CEO and President of Frogdice Games Michael Hartman said.  “The tile matching puzzle mechanic is fantastic for combat because it is familiar and inviting to casual players, but as any hardcore player can attest, it can be used to create extremely complex and engaging gameplay.”

The final game will feature puzzle gameplay akin to titles such as Dr. Mario and Tetris as well as character customization, a deep crafting system, a branching storyline, achievements, and more.

Some of the baddies you’ll face in the final game

The story takes place in Primordiax, the fictional fantasy world shared by all Frogdice games. This dates back to the 1996 release of the text RPG Threshold.

Frogdice is reaching out for funds through a Kickstarter campaign to add final polish to the title as well as hire a sound engineer to add music and sound effects to the game. The studio estimates that backers will receive a copy of the game within 30 days after funding is completed, a full month before its slated August release. The game will retail for PC for a projected price of $20.