Exato Studios, the developer behind indie game Guncraft, announced today that their title is the mystery addition to the Be Mine 8 Game + Charity Bundle.

Those that spend at least one dollar on the bundle will receive several titles, including Patrician IV: Steam Special Edition, Slam Bolt Scrappers, Fairy Bloom Freesia, and Paranautical Activity.

Due to how many bundles have been sold so far, purchasers will also receive the additional titles RADical ROACH, Karateka, MEEMS, The Autumn Film Collection, Patrician IV Rise of a Dynasty DLC, We Bang Collection, and the Fairy Bloom Freesia and ETHER VAPOR Remaster official soundtracks at no extra cost.

Those that spend five bucks or more are eligible to get even more indie titles including Blood Bowl – Legendary Edition, Constant C, Drakensang, Blades of Time – Limited Edition, and, of course, Guncraft.

When over 20,000 bundles are sold, those that spent at least five dollars on the deal will also receive Eleusis for free, resulting in a total of fifteen games for the small fee of five bucks.

Considering well over 19,000 bundles have been sold so far, it won’t be long before customers will get Eleusis in addition to the bundle’s many other titles. The bundle ends in six days, meaning those that want to get a handful of indie titles for a small price can’t delay for long.

In addition to being one of the Be Mine 8 Games + Charity Bundle games, Exato Studios has announced the first of many Guncraft map contests. In this first competition, participants are being tasked with making maps based on popular board games.

The contest is open to paid and beta members of Guncraft. Curious fans can visit Exato Studio’s website to find out more information.

Guncraft is currently await approval for Steam’s Greenlight service. You can vote for the voxel-based shooter on Guncraft’s Greenlight page.