Trendy Entertainment announced their twelfth of 24 heroes for their upcoming game Dungeon Defenders 2, the Kobold King. This hero is classified as a ranged mage carry, akin to a previously revealed hero, the Apprentice. Past revealed characters include the Countess, who was revealed three days ago, and the Spirit Warrior last week.

Each hero is enhanced with four different skills, all of which compliment the characters’ class, stats, and even appearance. On top of the skills, each hero has a hero spell they can deploy in battle. The ultimate deciding factor of the effectiveness of these skills and the spell are the hero’s attack, defense, ability, and difficulty stats.

The Kobold King’s four unique abilities are Product Demo, Sticky Bomb, Flashbang, and Carpet Bomb. The animalistic hero has the ability to use the hero spell called Explosive Attacks. The King has an explosive arsenal of attacks that are sure to frustrate anyone facing him head on.

The first skill of the Kobold King is Product Demo. When this skill is used, rockets fly from the back of the King’s cart and do damage to the surrounding enemies and even any hero nearby. This attack is stackable and will reset its duration each time it’s applied.

Sticky Bomb is the second skill from the Kobold King that’s a bit strategic. The King sticks an enemy or alien unit with a bomb that will go off three seconds after contact is made. The explosion affects anyone within the blast radius.

List of The Kobold King's skills

A concussive blast awaits enemies when the third skill is used. Flashbang is used to stun enemies and stop them dead in their tracks. The stun is powerful enough to deal damage to enemies as well.

The fourth and final skill is called Carpet Bomb which is extremely effective and has two layers to it. First, the Kobold King speeds his cart through a crowd of enemies dealing damage. While performing this action, the cart he’s driving drops bombs from the back that detonate after a second and a half, dealing even more damage.

Hero Spell, like skills, are unique to each hero. The Kobold King’s hero spell, Explosive Attack, increases the damage of the King’s attacks by 70%. This effect last for eight seconds and is necessary due to not only the miniscule amount of defense this character has, but because his attack barely outweighs his low defense.

The Kobold King is only one of many playable heroes exclusive to Dungeon Defender 2’s PvP mode. This game mode will be comparable to Valve’s upcoming DotA 2 and Riot Games’ League of Legends. Veteran players should not be alarmed as the competitive game mode will not replace Dungeon Defender’s original cooperative style gameplay.

While the game has no release date, beta registration for the PvP mode has begun. Trendy Entertainment is expecting to release the final game late this year.