Reprisal Universe is a real-time strategy game from creator John Kaplan of Electrolyte Studios. Reprisal Universe puts you in the position of a god that has to help a tribe ‘”reprise” the land that was taken from them. You do this by helping these people expand their settlement, increase their population, and enter a surprisingly intense battle.

The look of the game is 16-bit, but it does some cool things to give the game a 3D-ish look that adds depth. The sprites, in a word, are adorable, and the weather effects you create are detailed for a game with this presentation style. To compliment the retro look of the game is a chiptune soundtrack that will give any 8-bit radio fanatic a reason to bop their head to the beat.

The game gently guides you on how to play and then clearly explains the main objective of each battle. It’s not a clingy tutorial like other games, which I appreciated. It told me what was what, got out, and left me to experience Reprisal Universe in all its glory. The game isn’t tough by any means at first. Coming from someone who has no experience with RTS games, I felt like I was getting the concept a few minutes in. What does reveal my handicap is the moment when you must guide your tribe to fight multiple teams–up to three others, to be exact. This is where the game gets difficult and definitely tests your skill. Even then it doesn’t require too much of the player. It doesn’t ask the player to click-click-click like a madman like games such as StarCraft or League of Legends require, which I found relieving. The game is pretty chill and relaxed for the most part. Characteristics like these are what makes Reprisal Universe the enjoyable game that it is.

The beautiful terrain of Reprisal Universe

One goal of the battles is to collect different totems. Each totem holds the power to control different elements, be it earth, wind, or fire. There are 15 total to collect, with five each belonging to the three aforementioned categories. All of this aids you in battle and boy, is it gratifying. If I could use one word to describe Reprisal Universe it would be “satisfying.” The game is littered with payoffs that pull you in, making you want to play just one more match. With over 40 campaigns and four different terrains, you will be playing “just one more match” for hours to come.

Reprisal Universe has tons to offer in its campaigns and in its skirmish mode, but there is one thing that is missing: multiplayer! This game and the genre it belongs to begs for multiplayer. While the title does a lot with its smart AI to increase the difficulty where appropriate, I kept thinking of how much fun it would be to take over my friends’ territory right now, or just another random person’s from who-knows-where. When facing the challenging three other teams later in the game, it would’ve been amazing to have three other friends along for the journey. Reprisal Universe is no where near a bad game; it just has one missing component that I wish the developers had implemented into the final product.

I really had a good time with Reprisal Universe. This is coming from a me, a guy who isn’t fond of PC gaming, let alone RTS games. The game really impressed me and even convinced me to check back in every once in awhile. Replayability is a key highpoint of this title. Reprisal Universe does everything right and very little wrong. Investing time into this game was not only rewarding, but fun, and that’s what games are supposed to be, right?


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