Six new screenshots for Dean Hall’s brainchild, DayZ, were released yesterday. You can check them out below and get excited for the upcoming zombie-infested, open world RPG.

DayZ was originally designed by one person as a zombie-survival mod to the PC game ARMA 2. It gained immense popularity, so much so that Bohemia Interactive joined forces with Hall to create a standalone version of the beloved title.

In DayZ, players battle hunger, thirst, cold, fatigue, other humans, and, of course, zombies in order to survive a fictional, post-apocalyptic Russian world that spans several miles. Days pass in real time, and death is permanent. Characters are locked to a central server and saved every time you log in or out.

There is no real interface in DayZ. Human players are free to befriend, betray, kill, scavenge, and fortify as they see fit, adding a realistic element to the gameplay not often seen in RPGs.

Dean Hall’s mod has been heralded by the gaming community and publications such as Kotaku and Eurogamer as one of the greatest zombie games ever made, despite it still being a glitchy, unfinished title in its current state.  Edge named the game mod of the year. The title reached one million players on August 6 of last year, with hundreds of thousands of gamers purchasing ARMA 2 just to play it.

DayZ is currently in closed alpha. The title is currently only scheduled to release for PC, but Dean Hall has stated that he isn’t against the idea of bringing the game to consoles. The game will launch sometime in 2014.

Bohemia Interactive is the indie developer of ARMA 2. After noting the success of Hall’s zombie-based game using their engine and graphics, they partnered together to bring a standalone game to PC. Other games in Bohemia Interactive’s library include Carrier Command Gaea Mission, Take on Mars, and Take on Helicopters.

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