Exacto Game Studios has announced today that their voxel-based shooter, Guncraft, will have Twitch streaming services available through the game at launch. Players will be able to use Twitch’s software development kit to stream all the multiplayer mayhem directly to Twitch’s streaming service without the need of additional hardware or software.

“I’m buzzing to seeing how much more Twitch integration brings the community closer together,” said John Getty, founder of Exato Game Studios. “Now all of our players can broadcast their matches and epic headshots with no hurdles. Guncraft has always been about creating and sharing, and Twitch makes this even better.”

Some voxel-based FPS action

Guncraft releases July 11 and will be accompanied by a day-one patch that will add the Twitch SDK into the game. The game will be available on Desura, GOG, Green Man Gaming, Rain Digital Games, and the Guncraft website. The Steam version of the game was recently Greenlit and will release this summer at a later date.

In celebration of the added Twitch SDK integration, Exacto Game Studios has made a special Twitch TV player skin that will be made available to players with the update. The developers will also utilize the Twitch SDK to perform a three day streaming event called the “Block and Loaded Marathon.” The event starts on tonight at midnight PDT and will go until July 11 at midnight EDT.

Guncraft is a unique blend of sandbox creation games with the fast speed competitions of first-person shooters. Players can create imaginative  maps and arenas then blow them up with their arsenal of weapons such as grenades, tanks, energy swords, and more.

Take cover on the fly and create new portions of the map while playing against other players as you compete for supremacy. Look forward to having a blast with your friends and Guncraft when it releases this Thursday.