Developers Red 5 Studios has officially launched Firefall into open beta today. The free-to-play open world MMO shooter is even celebrating its launch with a new live action trailer that will certainly amuse Scyfy original movie fans everywhere. You’ve been warned.

Firefall is a unique blend of multiple genres, putting most of its focus on PvP eSport gameplay to go along with a PvE cooperative campaign. Players take on the role of pilots navigating exoskeleton-like armor suits called Battleframes. The currently available Battleframes offer players the choice between five preset classes: assault, biotech, dreadnaught, engineer, and recon, with three deviations available for each class to fulfill different roles.

All classes have a jetpack-like function and give the third-person shooting combat a third dimension akin to the popular Tribes series, adding flavor to the gameplay. The title puts emphasis on horizontal and vertical scaling where any player can be a threat, but high level players will maintain a slight gear advantage.

Players can get full access to all of the available PvP content and game modes and also get a sample for the game’s first story-driven content titled Blackwater Anomaly.Going along with the launch of open beta, Red 5 Studios are making beta starter packs available for users.

The art direction o Firefall feels similar to Borderlands or Sanctum

There are two packs presently available: Operator Starter Pack and the ARES Starter Pack. The Operator pack is available for $20 and gives players the choice of two Battleframes, in-game currency, an experience boost, and a unique player title of Beta Warrior. The ARES pack is available for $100 and give players the choice of ten Battleframes, in-game currency, a larger experience boost, and a unique player title of Beta Commando.

Go visit Red 5 Studios’ website to download the game client now to hop into the action. Check out Red 5 Studios’ Twitch TV channel for their two-day Firefall Fest event to chat with developers, win prizes from Razer and AMD, and unlock some in-game items.