Another Indie Royale bundle has just recently been announced, the third debut bundle from the website, and indie fans everywhere can now get their hands on five independently developed titles for low prices.

The five titles available are side-scrolling dungeon crawler Stained from RealAxis Software, Somatic Vision’s aquatic-based title Tropical Heat Jet Ski Racing, side-scrolling puzzle game LogiGun by SodiumEyes Productions, the rogue-like RPG Tales of Maj’Eyal from DarkGod, and Outer Grid Games’ RPG Crayon Chronicles.

Stained features random events in an evolving world set in a castle the player is forced to navigate and explore. Events are triggered by objects broken by the player, and the number of shattered pieces of material determine what happens, ensuring a unique experience every playthrough.

Tropical Heat Jet Ski Racing is a waverunner racing game where you can battle competitively online or by yourself in a single-player mode. You can also complete insane tricks and enjoy the scenery with an available Free Ride mode.

LogiGun is a Portal-inspired, physics-based puzzler where players control a girl named June as she climbs a tower filled with brain-twisting challenges.

The rogue-like Tales of Maj’Eyal, winner of the Roguelike of the Year Award 2010-2012, features deep combat, intuitive design, modern graphics, and online character sheets to give fans a rogue-like for the 21st century.

Some Crayon Chronicles action

Finally, Crayon Chronicles is a short RPG (one playthrough typically only lasts two to four hours) that boasts great replay value due to the randomly generated layouts every new game.

The games are available via Steam Greenlight, Desura, or direct downloads to PC. Tales of Maj’Eyal also features Mac and Linux support.

Players that buy now can get all five games for around only $4.60, but the minimum price will steadily increase as more purchase the bundle. This special deal ends in only eight days, so don’t delay; get these titles for a steal before the bundle ends for good.

Those that pay at least eight dollars will not only receive the five games but electronic bonus album The Raven from Stephen Pearlman.

Indie Royale is unique in how it determines the price of its bundles. The more you pay over the minimum for a bundle, the greater the minimum price will drop for other potential buyers. Purchasers that only pay the lowest amount possible to access the bundle will increase the minimum.

The bundle has sold well so far, with over 2,500 indie-lovers willing to throw down cash for these games. Anonymous top contributors have paid insane amounts, with the top buyer donating over 70 bucks to the bundle.