Polish developer Intermarum is looking to Kickstarter to fund their new game Race to Mars. The project is seeking a goal of £30,000 (roughly $45,000) to allow players to fulfill their dreams of making their own personal Weyland Yutani Corporation, minus all the face-hugging alien science fiction.

Race to Mars is a turn-based simulation game that puts players at the head of a “New Space” company. The project you are tasked with at this company is simple: be the first to settle a colony on Mars. From there you get to determine the best way to build up cutting-edge aerospace technology to make your way into space.

Intermarum is looking to balance out the game between the hardcore and casual fans by mixing different aspects of managing a complex space port and basic economy-driven gameplay. Players can lobby for military, consumer, and scientific contracts to fund their space program; monitor their competitors on the market and even interact with the National Space and Air Office on their path to the final frontier.

A screenshot from Race to Mars

Insuring that Race to Maris is of the utmost detail, Intermarum has even partnered with Polish space industry company Kosmonauta. Scientists from the company are working closely with the team to make sure the game stays as close to within the realm of reality as possible when compared to most other spacefaring games.

Race to the Sun is developed in Unity and will be made available on PC, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS. The Kickstarter campaign is currently over one-third of the way to full funding with 16 days left in its campaign. If space exploration and rushing to edge out the competition sounds like your kind of game in a quest to be the first to colonize the red planet, go visit the Race to Mars Kickstarter page and show your support and ensure it achieves lift off.