Indie fighter Skullgirls from Lab Zero Games is finally making its long anticipated debut on PC this August. The game’s official facebook page posted over the weekend that the game will be releasing on August 22.

The post went on to state that pre-orders will be available for the game starting August 1, shortly after the Steam Summer Sales have ended. No official word has been given on what all the types of pre-order goodies would be made available to players, but when asked if Team Fortress 2 hats would be something players could look forward to, the developers simply stated that they are “still working on them.” Personally, my fingers are crossed for a Cerebella hat that includes her signature extra set of arms to make myself look incredibly ludicrous while über as a Heavy, laughing maniacally behind my keyboard.

I have no idea what's going on here

The game is most well known for its major crowdfunding success it has found through Indiegogo. Lab Zero Games’ development team set out for a $150,000 goal to add a new character, Squigly, to the game as DLC. Fans raced to pledge their money to the project and completely funded the initial goal within 24 hours. Across the entire campaign players raised over $800,000 and set several stretch goals that included the creation of four additional playable characters, two of which were decided by fan vote, to be released for the game.

Players who backed Skullgirls character DLC through Indiegogo also received Steam codes for the game and access to the PC version’s beta that is currently running. It’s yet to be determined what characters will launch with the game at this time.

Skullgirls initially launched for PSN and XBLA back in April 2012 to positive fan and critical success. The plot of the game revolves around a mysterious relic called the Skull Heart that grants one woman’s wish every seven years. If her soul is impure, however, the wish becomes corrupted and the woman becomes the new Skullgirl.

The Skullgirl is a terrible being of incredible power whose only goal is utter destruction. Look out for Skullgirls August 22 to take on the role of one of Skullgirls’ many characters in their quest after the Skull Heart.