The elaborate free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter Warframe had its Update 9 go live this weekend, bringing with it a wealth of new content, tweaks, and changes, the most prominent change being the addition of an new playable Warframe, Nova, created by input through developer Digital Extremes community Design Council.

Nova is built upon the theme of antimatter, making her highly unpredictable and extremely dangerous. Her skill set includes abilities like Null Star, a damaging ability that when activated creates particles of antimatter that float around the player that will fire off to seek out nearby enemies to deal devastating amounts of damage. Wormhole gives players a portal-esque ability to fire off a doorway through space that any ally or enemy can enter for incredible utility that will likely be in high demand.

New maps extensions can also be found in Update 9. The Orokin Void and Grineer Galleon now both support additional game styles. Players can anticipate being able to play  Defense and Capture within Orokin Void, while Mobile Defense, Spy, Deception, and Capture are now featured on Grineer Galleon.

The boss battle with Captain Vor is also seeing a restructure. New techniques will be at his fingertips to punish you with, and the difficulty has been increased significantly. Players that defeat this daunting enemy will be rewarded with a blueprint for the rare scoped pistol called the Seer.

A new weapon from the update

Two new weapons will also be at players’ disposal in the form of the Sobek and Hikou. The Sobek is a rapid-firing Grineer shotgun, while the Hokou are throwing stars. Nothing says space ninjas more than eliminating your foes by throwing ninja stars while wall running the hull of a spaceship now, does it?

Additional content added includes 14 new helmets, five new prime weapons, and several buffs and nerfs that can be found on the Warframe forums. For more about Warframe, check out our preview of the game available here.