The Kickstarter for the upcoming indie stealth title Tangiers is wrapping up in just a matter of days. Four of them, to be exact. The team behind the title is clawing at its goal as the amount pledged so far stands just above £33,000. With their goal being £35,000 (roughly $54,000), it’s still very possible for the project to reach that milestone and even go beyond.

Tangiers is brought to the gaming world by Andalusian, a two-man team working out of a very small bedroom. Tangiers is a very abstract and dynamic game considering everything it presents to the player. Whether it be the open world, the characters, or the art style, Tangiers does something original to grasp the interests of players.

Alex Harvey, one of two designing the game, recently made the addition of stretch goals to the Kickstarter which will, if achieved, add polish to the final product. A Kickstarter wouldn’t be a Kickstarter without incentives provided for those who back the project. With £10 ($15.55) getting backers the game DRM-free, plus the soundtrack and PDF of the artwork for £20, and the addition of a t-shirt at £60, the incentives are justifiably tempting.

Tangiers is a dark, uneasy experience that deeply roots and markets itself as a stealth experience. The developers drew a lot of inspiration from the Thief series, and without that as a reference point, Tangiers could have been a completely different title from the one we now see. “An exploration of broken cities and landscapes” is how they describe the title.

The Kickstarter page highlights a plethora of different features of the game. Tangiers is being developed using the Unity engine, and with that the team was able to implement shadow-based stealth, which is the penultimate feature of the game. Others include a world that is reactive and changes according to the player’s decisions, non-linear progression allowing the option to tackle levels in a sequence that the user is comfortable with, and many more. All of these features can be found on the Kickstarter page or the video briefing on Tangiers.

You can expect to play Tangiers in Q2 of 2014 on PC, Mac, and Linux. For a more in-depth look into the world of Tangiers, be sure check out our interview with Alex Harvey himself. If Tangiers seems like a game you’d want to experience, be sure to vote for it on Steam Greenlight.