Flippfly, creators of high-speed indie hit Race the Sun, have launched a new sale at the aptly named NotonSteam.com, highlighting indie games that are not available on Steam at a discount price for the week.

Aaron San Filippo, one of the developers at Flippfly and organizer of the bundle, made sure that there was no bad blood between them and Valve: “We love Steam! It makes buying games easy and managing our game library even easier. We wanted to highlight the fact that not every great game is available on Steam and help shine a light on a bunch of great games that many players may be missing out on.”

The sale includes over 35 games, with every game discounted at least 25% off. A lot of acclaimed indie titles are on sale, including (but definitely not limited to) Santa Ragione’s FOTONICA ($2.99), Celsius Game Studios Drifter ($10), and Damian Sommer’s The Yawhg ($5). The sale will end on October 8.

Although the sale is highlighting games that aren’t on Steam, many of these titles are open for voting on Steam Greenlight. Certain games, when Greenlit, will also provide a Steam key once the game is available on the platform. Steam still remains the top digital distribution platform for indies, and these developers would get a huge benefit from Steam sales. Also, some games in the sale are in alphas or betas (in the case of one or two, your only option is a pre-order). Be sure to take a look at what’s on sale; there are plenty of fantastic titles available.