Mobot Studios has a mere three days left in its Kickstarter campaign to fund its unique game Knite & The Ghost Lights, which will come to PC, Windows, Linux, and Wii U if funded. The $5 tier, which includes early access and a digital copy of the game, is somehow sold out, but backers can still experience Knite & The Ghost Lights and receive its MP3 soundtrack by pledging $10 or more. Those that give at least $35 will get the game for the Wii U.

Knite & The Ghost Lights will be a side-scrolling adventure set in a spooky, Tim Burton-esque world known as Mistland. Players will control Knite, a Ghost Piper whose job it is to play his mystical instrument to lead lost souls to the darkness. Knite will be joined by the Witch Sisters, a gun-slinger named Xavier, and an old oak stump called Wilhelm in a mysterious adventure set in this dark yet charming world.

The hand-crafted models look gorgeous

The final game will feature puzzles to solve, platforming challenges, secrets to unravel, and the occasional action sequence. The developers say players will be able to “play with light and music to control [their] surroundings,” a mechanic yet to be elaborated on. Mobot Studios cites games like Castelvania and Metroid as inspirations.

What’s unusual about this game are the detailed, hand-crafted models that will be featured in the final product that give off a distinct feel usually reserved for film. Backgrounds, objects, and characters are sculpted and then photographed before being animated for gameplay. “It should feel more like you’re playing a stop-motion film than a regular video game,” Product Manager Jon Williams said. Each character is also featured in their own storybooks given to those that pledge enough to the project.

You can follow the game’s progress on its Kickstarter page, Facebook, or on Twitter.