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Contrast Review: A Shot in the Dark

11.30.13 | No Comments

Contrast is a beautiful game--both visually and audibly--but it's bogged down with too many glitches and physic-based inconsistencies to be truly appreciated.

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Slender: The Arrival Review: Old Scares, New Tricks

11.27.13 | No Comments

The Arrival is every bit as terrifying as the original game, but it’s marred with repetitive objectives and some questionable mechanics.

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Blood of the Werewolf Review: Lycanthrope Vengeance

11.19.13 | No Comments

Blood of the Werewolf is a treat for platforming addicts and fans of the eerie alike.

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Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall Expansion Announced

11.19.13 | No Comments

Harebrained Schemes is back with more Shadowrun, taking players to Berlin with a new story and several improvements to the game.

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Defense Technica Review: Technically Defensive

11.14.13 | No Comments

If you're one for the tower defense experience, you'll be a huge fan of Kuno Interactive's Defense Technica.

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FORCED Review: Coercion Meets Co-Op Brawling

11.10.13 | No Comments

Standing on the shoulders of other co-op isometric brawlers, FORCED represents a step forward in the genre's evolution.

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