A Kickstarter has been launched for the the Midwest Game Developers Summit, a game development conference that wants to adhere to game developers in the Midwest. The conference will be held July 12-13 this year at the Olympia Resort in Oconomowoc, WI.

MGDS is asking to raise $8,000 for their crowd-funding campaign and has already completed 25% of that goal at the time of this post. The team is offering a plethora of backer rewards ranging from getting your name onto the ‘Wall of Backers’ to eating lunch with their unannounced keynote speaker.

This will be the second year for the conference, originally titled the Wisconsin Game Developers Summit during its maiden voyage back in 2013.  The event reached an attendance of more than 300 people and 40 speakers. Tom Hall — co-founder of id Software — was their keynote speaker for the event and had several notable studios in attendance from AAA developers Volition, Human Head Studios, and Disney Interactive in addition to local independent studios such as The Amiable, Digital Iris, and Flippfly.

“We ran WGDS with the mindset of making the a great place for game developers and enthusiasts to meet in Milwaukee. After running the first event, we discovered that the entire Midwest is hungry and yearning for an opportunity like this event can provide,” said Travis Garski, co-founder of MGDS. “Our re-branding as the Midwest Game Developers Summit was a way to say, we are listening, and we are dedicated to make this event huge.”

Founded on the premise that most game conferences are either on the east or the west coast, Midwest Game Developers Summit is ran by a group of ten individuals, most of which are was started by college students and continues or recent graduates aspiring to break into the video game industry. If you would like to support the efforts of the campaign you can find it right here: Midwest Game Developers Summit Kickstarter Campaign