Travis Baldree, after co-founding and running Runic Games as president and lead engineer for six years, is officially stepping down.  He and his partner Erich Schaefer, another co-founder, announced earlier today on the Runic site forum that they will be leaving the company to pursue smaller scale projects.

As heads of Runic Games, they oversaw the production of Torchlight, among other projects, but decided they would rather downsize at this point in their lives. They leave the company in the capable hands of  Vice President Marsh Lefler, a close colleague of over 10 years.

He insisted that it was an “amicable departure.” He considers “the amazing team at Runic [his] friends and family” and feels privledged that they’ve let him “get away with running the place for this long.”

It is as of yet unclear as to what exactly they have in mind; they have left no clues for their plans other than the name of “Double Damage Games.” It is, however, clear that this is a very carefully considered and well-thought-out decision.