IndieGala has released a new bundle, the second Every Monday Bundle. It includes five indie games: Cardinal Quest, Iesabel, Sparkle 2 Evo, Dark Shadows – Army of Evil and Aerena – Clash of the Champions at only $1.89 for the first 24 hours. After the first day of the sale, the bundle’s minimum price will increase to $2.99. As always, this is only the minimum. Indie Gala uses a pay-what-you-want system.

All five games cross a wide variety of genres, from the retro-dungeon-crawler Cardinal Quest to the aRPG Iesabel. The early access game Aerena: Clash of Champions comes with an extra copy to give away. Every game save for Cardinal Quest are available for redemption on Steam upon purchase.

IndieGala is one of the leading indie bundle sites on the web, donating a portion of their proceeds to charity and releasing bundles very often. You can purchase Every Monday Bundle 2 on IndieGala’s website.