The closed beta for Robot Entertainment’s latest game, Orcs Must Die! Unchained, was detailed in a press release this morning. The updated is scheduled for July 22nd, on which there will be an account wipe for all players in the closed beta. The update will go live on July 22.

The changelist comes with a plethora of new additions for players, including:

  • Party Matchmaking
  • Two new heroes, Sir Winston and Kobold King
  • 40 new cards
  • 4 new skins
  • A card grinder, to get rid of duplicates in exchange for in-game currency
  • Elemental damage for The War Mage and Hogarth

On the topic of profile wipes, an infographic released by the company states “Wiping is an important part of the overall hygiene of a Beta program. We never wipe lightly. With so many recent changes, we’ve decided to wipe for this update. Player Gold will be refunded, and Skull rewards will be offered to players who have reached certain level milestones.” The update is free for all current players in the closed beta.