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Luftrausers Review: Taking Off

Luftrausers is fast-paced and chaotic, just the way we like it.

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Dragons and Titans Review: It’s Hard to Drive This Thing

Dragons and Titans is an interesting attempt at the MOBA genre, but unfortunately is unable to live up to it's competition.

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Midwest Game Developers Summit Launches Kickstarter

A Kickstarter has been launched for the the Midwest Game Developers Summit, a game development conference to be held in Wisconsin.

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1: All That Remains Review: From Girl to Woman

Telltale once again keeps me crying for more of this epic tale.

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Savant – Ascent Review: Rising to the Top

I got a chance to meet D-Pad Studio in Seattle at PAX Prime this year. They were showing off their new title Owlboy, which was part of this year’s PAX 10, a booth displaying the convention’s best indie games....

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Abductor Pro Review: Beam it Back Down

Abductor Pro may be more toy than game, and that's not always a good thing.

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Blood of the Werewolf Review: Lycanthrope Vengeance

Blood of the Werewolf is a treat for platforming addicts and fans of the eerie alike.

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Electronic Super Joy Review: Oh Yeah

Electronic Super Joy borrows a lot from Super Meat Boy and Super Hexagon, but is it as good as its muses?

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PAX Prime 2013 Incognita Preview: Unmasking a Revolution

Incognita is Klei Entertainment's new tactical espionage title. Though similar to traditional tactical role-playing games, Klei adds a new stealthy twist creating a whole new genre.

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