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#screenshotsaturday Roundup – July 26

07.26.14 | No Comments

July is almost over, but game development is not.

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#screenshotsaturday Roundup – July 19

07.19.14 | No Comments

This week's #screenshotsaturday contains new images from upcoming games "Sunset", "Heart Forth, Alicia", and more.

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MGDS 2014: Lacuna Passage Preview – The Red Planet

07.18.14 | No Comments

Lacuna Passage is shaping up to be the next big environmental narrative game.

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Mountain: You are God

07.15.14 | No Comments

David O'Reilly's first game is more than a screensaver.

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Than McClure Reflects on Blood of the Werewolf: An IGI Interview

07.07.14 | No Comments

We talked to Than Mcclure about the development process of Blood of the Werewolf, and what's next for Scientifically Proven.

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Multiplayer Mixdown: Guns of Icarus Online and the Concept of “Mandatory Communication”

06.03.14 | No Comments

Guns of Icarus Online forces players to communicate with each other --- a unique concept that leads to a profitable indie game.

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What is an Indie Game, and Why Should I Care?

05.27.14 | 1 Comment

We talk a lot about indie games, but what exactly is an indie game anyway?

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The Dark Side of Early Access: Towns

05.21.14 | 1 Comment

Towns has stopped development, demonstrating the worst-case scenario in Steam's Early Access program.

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Cahors Sunset Review: Twilight

05.19.14 | No Comments

Cahors Sunset has potential for a great narrative-based game, but work needs to be done.

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