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PAX Will Show That We’re Better Than This

08.29.14 | No Comments

The gaming industry has been in a dark place due to recent events, and now it's time to get out of that.

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Sierra Revived…as an Indie Publisher?

08.14.14 | No Comments

Sierra On-Line has been revived, but it's not quite clear what they are now.

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Mini Metro Preview – The Blue Line

08.13.14 | 2 Comments

Mini Metro is a management game about building train lines. It does not have automated voices or homeless people.

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Ninja Theory, Hellblade, and the Independent AAA Proposition

08.13.14 | No Comments

Indie...and AAA? Together? The Co-Founder of Ninja Theory explains his wild idea.

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Secret Ponchos Preview: Mexican Standoff

08.11.14 | No Comments

Secret Ponchos is a wonderful artistic game that is being held up by a few design and technical concerns.

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#screenshotsaturday Roundup – July 26

07.26.14 | No Comments

July is almost over, but game development is not.

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#screenshotsaturday Roundup – July 19

07.19.14 | No Comments

This week's #screenshotsaturday contains new images from upcoming games "Sunset", "Heart Forth, Alicia", and more.

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MGDS 2014: Lacuna Passage Preview – The Red Planet

07.18.14 | No Comments

Lacuna Passage is shaping up to be the next big environmental narrative game.

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Mountain: You are God

07.15.14 | No Comments

David O'Reilly's first game is more than a screensaver.

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