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Mountain: You are God

07.15.14 | No Comments

David O'Reilly's first game is more than a screensaver.

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Shattered Planet Review: Emergency Landing

07.11.14 | No Comments

Shattered Planet's mechanics are sound, but the economical imbalance creates a lot of problems for players.

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BattleBlock Theater Review: Buckle Your Pants

07.09.14 | No Comments

Grab a friend and get ready to tackle this feature packed platformer, full of vibrant art and whimsical humor.

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Bounden Review: In Good Company

05.23.14 | No Comments

Bounden reminded me that we know absolutely nothing about games, and in this beautifully young industry there are still countless surprises for us to find.

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Blade Symphony Review: Unsheathed

05.22.14 | No Comments

Blade Symphony is a gorgeous and polished take on sword-fighting games.

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Cahors Sunset Review: Twilight

05.19.14 | No Comments

Cahors Sunset has potential for a great narrative-based game, but work needs to be done.

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Super Time Force Review: A Chaotically Good Time

05.17.14 | No Comments

Capy's latest game, Super Time Force, is chock-full of charm, chaos, and fun, even if it needs a little polish.

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FTL: Advanced Edition Review: The Final Frontier Revisited

05.03.14 | No Comments

To commemorate the recent free expansion, we've opted to fully review one of the best games of 2012.

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Luftrausers Review: Taking Off

03.26.14 | No Comments

Luftrausers is fast-paced and chaotic, just the way we like it.

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