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PAX East 2014 Below Preview: A Journey of Souls

04.13.14 | No Comments

Capybara Games' Below is coming to Steam, and after getting a chance to play it at PAX East, there's a lot to look forward to.

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Luftrausers Review: Taking Off

03.26.14 | No Comments

Luftrausers is fast-paced and chaotic, just the way we like it.

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Dragons and Titans Review: It’s Hard to Drive This Thing

03.19.14 | No Comments

Dragons and Titans is an interesting attempt at the MOBA genre, but unfortunately is unable to live up to it's competition.

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Shadowrun: Dragonfall Review: The Matrix Reloaded

03.19.14 | No Comments

Dragonfall expands on last years first million dollar Kickstarter video game by adding a compelling new campaign set in Berlin.

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Tower of Guns Review: Stairway to Bullet Heaven

03.13.14 | No Comments

In Tower of Guns, you must ascend the tower of guns. With me so far?

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2: A House Divided Review: Cannot Stand

03.08.14 | No Comments

Everything you love about Telltale's take on The Walking Dead is found in this episode.

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Weapon Shop de Omasse Review: Serrated

03.01.14 | No Comments

The latest localization from Level-5 doesn't strike too hard, and with such a low asking price, it's a significant demerit for the studio.

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Inazuma Eleven Review: Golden Goal

02.20.14 | No Comments

An unorthodox take on a typically orthodox genre, Inazuma Eleven is a shining example of positive experimentation--and one of the best games in the 3DS eShop.

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