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Guns of Icarus Online Co-op Coming Soon, Playable at PAX Prime

07.28.14 | No Comments

The cooperative mode promised in the Guns of Icarus Online Kickstarter is coming soon. Sooner if you're going to PAX.

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MGDS 2014: Lacuna Passage Preview – The Red Planet

07.18.14 | No Comments

Lacuna Passage is shaping up to be the next big environmental narrative game.

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Blade Symphony Review: Unsheathed

05.22.14 | No Comments

Blade Symphony is a gorgeous and polished take on sword-fighting games.

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PAX East 2014 Dyscourse Preview: Course Your Own Adventure

04.18.14 | No Comments

Dyscourse aims to make Mass Effect jealous with a branching narrative that is literally affected by your every decision.

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Dragon Fin Soup is Greenlit, Kickstarted

03.25.14 | No Comments

The throwback RPG is coming to Steam, and their Kickstarter campaign has succeeded.

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Kickstarter Success RTS Planetary Annihilation Goes Into “Gamma” Phase of Development

03.01.14 | No Comments

Uber Entertainment's RTS has gotten one step closer to release: the 'Gamma' phase of development.

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Galactic Princess on Kickstater and Greenlight

02.17.14 | No Comments

CECLY has announced its new game that blends smuggling and piracy with the core concepts of FTL.

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The Banner Saga Review: Poetry in Motion

02.06.14 | No Comments

The Banner Saga is a visually striking game with a bleak setting and tough decisions that will tear at your heart.

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New Version of Ouya Console Released, 16GB Storage, New Controller

02.03.14 | No Comments

Still holding the throne of most successful video game Kickstarter of all time, the Android-powered Ouya console is now available with a few upgrades: double the original storage (for a total of 16 gigabytes) and a refined controller (one...

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