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Shadowrun: Dragonfall Pre-Order Available, Delayed Until February 27

01.28.14 | No Comments

Kickstarter success Shadowrun: Returns receives it's second full length campaign this February.

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Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall Expansion Announced

11.19.13 | No Comments

Harebrained Schemes is back with more Shadowrun, taking players to Berlin with a new story and several improvements to the game.

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Shadowrun Returns Review: A Drekking Good Time

07.25.13 | No Comments

Harebrained Schemes releases the first million dollar Kickstarter game in existence and marks the return of a classic franchise.

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Shadowrun Returns Campaign Editor Credited to Nine Inch Nails Founder

06.18.13 | No Comments

Harebrained Schemes sets Steam and tablet device release date and reveals unique campaign editor support.

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Shadowrun Returns Pre-Order Available on Steam

05.02.13 | 1 Comment

Shadowrun Returns is now available for pre-order on Steam. The game was crowdfunded via Kickstarter back in April of 2012, receiving over $1,800,000 dollars from its fans. Shadowrun started as a role-playing game, akin to Dungeons and Dragons, almost...

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Indie Daily 04.30.13

04.30.13 | No Comments

News for Painkiller: Hell & Damnation DLC, Anomaly 2's release date, Zeno Clash II being released, and pre-orders for Shadowrun Returns.

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