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E3 2014: Entwined Announced and Released for PS4

06.09.14 | No Comments

A new indie from a team of recent grads is now available on PS4.

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Basement Crawl Delayed, Not Releasing Today

01.29.14 | No Comments

Bloober Team's PS4 exclusive delayed due to new "exciting opportunities."

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How Gamers Unknowingly Saved the Industry and Games as a Medium

06.30.13 | 1 Comment

Gamers standing up for what they believe is the perfect industry may have helped more than they knew.

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Next Gen Indie Details

06.11.13 | No Comments

Plenty of indie hits will be making their console debuts on next gen systems. Catch up on what titles will be where right here.

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Indie Developers Flock to Sony

06.10.13 | No Comments

Indie developers are turning to Sony to self-publish their games on the PlayStation 4.

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  • IGInsiderWe absolutely loved @KeepTalkingGame, so we figured the best way to preview it was to show you our full experience: http://t.co/5h3ZVhp7vg - posted on 02/09/2014 14:50:44

  • IGInsiderSpent our morning at the Tabletop section of the @IndieMEGABOOTH playing Slap .45 as well as Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. Both amazing! - posted on 31/08/2014 16:17:05

  • IGInsiderWe just played Titan Souls. It's awesome. You're gonna love it. #PAXPrime2014 @devolverdigital - posted on 31/08/2014 16:12:10

  • IGInsiderDay 2! http://t.co/19AamYMdzE - posted on 30/08/2014 10:45:09

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