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Invisible, Inc. Creeps Its Way Onto Steam Early Access August 19

08.01.14 | No Comments

Klei's procedurally generated stealth strategy game is making its way to Steam later this month.

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Indie Piñata Offers 10 Discounted Games for the Next 5 Days

07.21.14 | No Comments

Indie Pinata is giving discounts to those who already own certain games.

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Chemistry Game Sokobond Coming to Steam July 21st

07.18.14 | No Comments

Move over SpaceChem, Sokobond is making its way onto Steam early next week.

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Defense Grid 2 Pre-Orders Now Available, Special Edition Contains eBook by Russ Pitts

07.17.14 | No Comments

Pre-orders for Defense Grid 2 are now available and include several enticing rewards.

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SNOW Preview: Steeze

07.11.14 | No Comments

SNOW is a fantastic look at the possibility of open-world sports games.

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Steam Early Access Updates FAQ to Allow for Unfinished Games

06.04.14 | No Comments

Steam warns users that Early Access games may never be completed.

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The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing II Preview: Better than VH1

04.04.14 | No Comments

The adventures are no less incredible this time around.

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Dragon Fin Soup is Greenlit, Kickstarted

03.25.14 | No Comments

The throwback RPG is coming to Steam, and their Kickstarter campaign has succeeded.

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Double Dragon: Neon Review: Radicool IS a Word

02.12.14 | No Comments

Twenty-five years later, Billy and Jimmy set off to rescue Marian once again.

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