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Shadowrun: Dragonfall Review: The Matrix Reloaded

03.19.14 | No Comments

Dragonfall expands on last years first million dollar Kickstarter video game by adding a compelling new campaign set in Berlin.

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The Banner Saga Review: Poetry in Motion

02.06.14 | No Comments

The Banner Saga is a visually striking game with a bleak setting and tough decisions that will tear at your heart.

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PAX Prime 2013 Incognita Preview: Unmasking a Revolution

09.16.13 | No Comments

Incognita is Klei Entertainment's new tactical espionage title. Though similar to traditional tactical role-playing games, Klei adds a new stealthy twist creating a whole new genre.

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Shadowrun Returns Campaign Editor Credited to Nine Inch Nails Founder

06.18.13 | No Comments

Harebrained Schemes sets Steam and tablet device release date and reveals unique campaign editor support.

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Telepath Tactics Preview: Tactical RPG Goodness, Now with Multiplayer

05.22.13 | No Comments

Telepath Tactics is unlike other tactical RPGs considering its innovative gameplay and the addition of multiplayer, complete with mod support.

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