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The indie games category is picking up its pace in the recent years and it can even be considered part of the mainstream nowadays. Although made independently and more often than not, with the limited budget, games in this category are well known for their unique gameplay topped with comprehensive features and depth of the story. It is not surprising if you find yourself interested on finding out more about this type of games and we are here to share this excitement with you.

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With a plethora of games in the market, it would be hard for you to play them all so why not start with the best? Here, you'll be able to find indie game articles about best indie Xbox one games, or even the best games in pc, ps4 and other gaming consoles. You'll be able to get your dose of fun indie games here, which will certainly show you the beauty of indie games clearer than ever.

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Of course, you'd be more convinced to play a game if you know more about them which is why you'll surely be more satisfied and impressed as we also render indie game reviews. Through these reviews, you'll surely be able to make a wise decision on what games to play and what to avoid.