New and Exciting Xbox Indie Games

The Xbox is one of the leading video game platforms being used today and while players are happy with the great title releases for the Xbox, there are other ways to enjoy high quality games without the high price tags. With Xbox indie games, players can engage in great gaming action and can enjoy some hit titles without having to break the bank. These independently designed games are loaded with action and provide intense graphics, animations and gameplay. Those who download indie games will find they can enjoy the same level of gaming as they would from the latest releases from large video game companies. New indie games 2018 are always being created and released and there are some great games that can easily be downloaded and enjoyed on the Xbox.

Anticipated New Indie Games for 2018

There are some amazing indie games that will be being released in 2018 that can provide any Xbox gamer with great action and endless entertainment. Independent gaming titles have become quite popular for those that play on leading consoles and with the many releases to be enjoyed in 2018, players will find they have a slew of choices and gaming options.

Fans of MMO games will be thrilled to learn that Black Desert Online will soon be available on Xbox. This game has been enjoyed by PC players but with ID@Xbox, it will soon be available for Xbox One. This will allow players to play with those that are already enjoying the game on a PC and with a large community already in place, the game will be a huge hit for Xbox fans. Players can choose to play the game as an elf, human or a giant as they travel through a countryside to take on various quests. The combat action is intense and there will surely be something to suit the playstyle of every gamer. This title is due to be released for Xbox in the spring of 2018.

Some other great titles that players can expect to be offered on Xbox include Ooblets and Surviving Mars. Ooblets provides a Pokemon feel for players and players will customize a farm to gather and grow seeds that will become an army of Ooblet creatures. These creatures will then battle others in a Pokemon style fight, so it will be an appealing game for any Pokemon fan. With Surviving Mars, players will manage colony located on Mars and will help members grow and survive over time. The game involves strategy and is one that will surely be a huge hit for those that like sci-fi themed games.

These new indie games in 2018 will bring about much excitement and there are hundreds of other titles that will be available throughout the year, so indie game fans will have much to choose from and enjoy on an Xbox console.

Types of Indie Games for Xbox

Gamers who appreciate the insane graphics, gameplay and excitement offered with Xbox games will surely appreciate the same from Xbox indie games. While the game are developed by independent small companies, the never lack excitement and there are some amazing titles that can be downloaded and played on the console. Players who search for indie games for their Xbox will find there are many genres of games and will always be a title that will meet the needs of any gamer. Role playing games are quite popular with today's gamers and there are some great indie selections that are offered. Doom & Destiny is a great classic RPG title that offers traditional game mechanics and great character development. Another great RPG choice is Avatar Legends, a game that takes players on an adventure through a world that is full of towns, villages and enemies.

When it comes to choosing the new indie games for 2018, there are many genres that are covered. Players will find great platform style games like Fast Manicz. There are also action and adventure games, card and board games, fighting and shooter titles, sports and racing games and so much more. Each game has much to offer and with the lower cost to purchase, players will be able to stock up on the latest and greatest indie hits for Xbox.